Pilly! 2Pilly! 2Your personal pill assistant. Anywhere, anytime.

Simple and Beautiful

Pilly! 2 offers you an easy-to-use handling with a great looking interface.

Forget the Oblivion

Uncompromising notifications until you ingest your pill.

At a Glance

Stay on top of things with the integrated Calendar and Cycle Overview.

Pilly! 2 Use Case

Pilly! 2

Your personal pill assistant. Anywhere, anytime.

Pilly! is the most elegant pill reminder on the App Store. The intuitive user interface and powerful features will let you never forget the pill again.

Pilly! helps you to manage the pill in your menstrual cycle. You are getting reliably reminded to take your pill while always having an overview of your whole cycle. Thanks to the intelligent navigation you can easily switch through the days of cycle and enter notes, your personal wellbeing and the menstrual flow.

iPhone App

Cycle Overview

Pilly! 2 Screenshot Cycle Overview

Day View

Pilly! 2 Screenshot Day View


Pilly! 2 Screenshot Calendar View


Pilly! 2 Screenshot Passcode View


Pilly! 2 Screenshot Settings View
Apple Watch App

Main Interface

Pilly! Apple Watch App

Wellbeing & Menstruation Picker

Pilly! Apple Watch App Wellbeing

Glance Interface

Pilly! Apple Watch App Glance


Pilly! Apple Watch App Notification
Key Features


The notifications will pause automatically during your pill-free interval and will, also automatically, start again after the interval. So you don't have to worry about forgetting the pill anymore.


With the integrated calendar you can see, among others, when you’ll get your period in future cycles and therefore you have a good planning certainty.


You can configure Pilly! just to fit to your needs. You can choose between several packaging sizes (21, 24 and 28 pills) and define in which interval you want to be reminded to take your pill. You can also protect your data with a passcode.

State of the Art

By using the newest iOS technologies Pilly! is state-of-the-art. The integrated Today Widget, the Apple Watch App and the fact that you can take the pill directly via the notification are only a few of Pilly!’s enormous features.

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